Nakasi (72)

Pearl V Carty


My mom would have been 67 years old today. SHE was a great mother, beautiful, loving, caring, and hardworking. As any real mother she wanted best for us. She always supported us financially and whatever we wanted in life through the good times and bad times. She always provided a roof over our heads and the essential things we need throughout life. Everyone have their own story about their mom and this is mines.

My mom use to cook full meals for us, clean and make sure we had everything we needed. I learn how to cook young by watching her make meals. I have a sister and brother. I wish I would had listen to my mom on certain issues in mylife. I remember all good things and not the bad, because the good out ways it all. My aunts also play a large roll in mylife because they are very close to my mom and always was there for us.

When I found out my mom was sick with kidney failure that totally devastated me. The moment she had to go to and from dialysis was the worst. Anyway there were many things I wish I could have done different to help my mom, but I was learning along the way trying to figure what was best for her. She spent her last days in a nursing home and when I found out that my mom pass away in (2011) that was not good news for me. I miss my mom and she was the best mom ever.”R.I.H – MOM” 💜

Author: nakasi1blog

I was born in Bronx, NY and raised in Atlanta,GA. I'm a 80's baby and you know where I get my strength from. The good lord bless me with three sons, so I am a mother. I love to listen to music, dancing, fashion, shopping, watching movies, and socializing on the internet. It's just a little about my lifestyle.

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